Defiled rapier of the scholar



177 Damage

5% Critical hit chance

1.4 Critical damage multiplier

15% Block stability

77 Thrust Damage

+8 intelligence

A rapier that was possessed by the Corrupted at some point of time.

Bind on pick up

Tier : ii

Scales with : Dexterity, Intelligence

2.8 : Weight

1500 : Durability

Requirement : Level 4

The Defiled Rapier of the Scholar is one of the rapier players can use in New World. And like pretty much all rapiers, the Scholar here offers agility, making it the perfect melee weapon for swift attacks and dealing some serious damage to enemies. Of course, this is all tied to individual players and their abilities.

Knowing when to go in for a strike, when to evade (backward or sideways), and when to counter make any rapier a powerful force to reckon with.

Generally speaking, though, a rapier’s damage primarily scales with Dexterity and a bit of Intelligence. So working on these two attributes can prove quite beneficial down the line across all rapiers.

The Mastery Trees – Blood and Grace – are just as important here. The Blood Skill is concerned with dealing as much damage as possible while the Grace Tree improves a player’s evasion abilities, basically making them untouchable.

Players can find rapiers through a couple of ways including

  • Completing quests
  • Picking up loot in random containers or chests
  • Creating them aka Crafting (or weaponsmithing, to be more specific)
  • Drops by bosses and enemies.

Given the rapier’s short-range, some players pair it up with other weapons like the spear and musket.

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