List of all eight dungeons in New World.

  1. Amrhein excavation
  2. Destroyed Obelisk or Starstone Barrows
  3. Depths
  4. Dynasty Shipyard
  5. Lazarus Instrumentality
  6. Garden of Genesis/Origin
  7. Barnacles and Black Powder
  8. Tempest’s Heart

Amrhein Excavation

Ideal for new players who have reached level 25, this dungeon introduces you to the complexities of New World’s PvE. Players will confront Nakashima’s Ghost and Simon Grey as they dig deeper into the ruins. A great starter dungeon to understand mechanics and get introduced to the lore.

  • Location: Windsward region
  • Recommended Level: 25 and above
  • Requires Items: Armine Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Nakashima’s Ghost, Simon Grey

Destroyed Obelisk

This dungeon brings more challenging mechanics and tougher bosses as players would need to navigate traps and puzzles. Alectos and Greundgul are the bosses waiting at the end, making teamwork and strategy essential for success.

  • Location: Everfall region
  • Recommended Level: 35 and above
  • Requires Items: Starstone Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Alectos, Greundgul


Located in the Restless Shores, this dungeon introduces even more complicated mechanics and significantly tougher bosses. Archdeacon Azamela and Captain Thorpe provide challenges requiring strong teamwork and individual skill.

  • Location: Restless Shores region
  • Recommended Level: 45 and above
  • Requires Items: Depths Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Archdeacon Azamela, Captain Thorpe

Dynasty Shipyard

At a recommended level of 55, players will encounter intricate puzzles, advanced mechanics, and challenging bosses like Isabella and Zhou Taiying. This expedition is a serious test of your mastery over your chosen role.

  • Location: Ebonscale Reach region
  • Recommended Level: 55 and above
  • Requires Items: Dynasty Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Isabella & Her Pets, Zhou Taiying

Lazarus Instrumentality

This end-game dungeon is for max-level players. It features highly complex mechanics and bosses like Cilla and Chardis that demand optimal play from everyone in the party.

  • Location: Reekwater region
  • Recommended Level: 60
  • Requires Items: Lazarus Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Cilla, Chardis

Garden of Genesis/Origin

Another level 60 dungeon, players must navigate through a lush yet perilous garden, facing bosses like Alluvium Marl The Caretaker and The Blighted Greenskeeper. This dungeon is not only a test of skill but also a treat for the senses with its intricate designs.

  • Location: Edengrove region
  • Recommended Level: 60
  • Requires Items: Genesis Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Alluvium Marl The Caretaker, The Blighted Greenskeeper

Barnacles and Black Powder

This dungeon is targeted towards level 60 players, suggesting high difficulty and complex mechanics.

  • Location: Cutlass Keys
  • Recommended Level: 60

Tempest’s Heart

As another level 60 dungeon, one can expect top-tier challenges that require players to utilize all the skills they’ve honed.

  • Location: Shattered Mountain
  • Recommended Level: 60