New World Yeast – Resource

10000 Max item stack

Rarity : Common

Type : Resource

A leavening ingredient. Also used in fermentation.

Bind on pick up

Tier : I

0.2 : Weight

Yeast is a tier I cooking ingredient in New World that players can use in preparing a wide array of meals. On the other hand, the yeast can also be directly consumed but it won’t provide enough recovery compared to when it’s combined with other ingredients. Besides, cooking meals allows you to level up in this particular area which in turn unlocks more recipes with even better rewards.

Here are some recipes that require yeast:


  • 1 x Flour
  • 1 x Yeast

Baking Stockpile

  • 1 x Cooking recipe
  • 15 x Yeast
  • 15 x Egg
  • 15 x Sugar
  • 15 x Flour


  • 1 x Yeast
  • 2 x Milk

Moving on, there are two ways of obtaining yeast in New World:

Gathering from provision crates around farms

Purchasing from trading posts.

Trading posts provide a bit of a shortcut but, of course, it’s going to cost you. On the flip side, though, you’re almost always assured of getting the yeast as long as someone has put it up for sale.
Provision containers will only cost you your time but you’re never assured of getting yeast. And these crates can only be found in three locations, namely Monarch’s Bluffs, Brightwood, and Shattered Mountain.

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